Mian Mithoo - Chip n Dip

PKR 13,275

A hand carved parrot in Rosewood perches on a delicate brass swing. Our Mian Mithoo chip n dip platter is a walk down memory lane when lazy afternoons were spent chatting with this traditional house hold pet, a master of mimicking human speech. Perfect for serving chips or other savouries with dip on the side. 


Clean with a soft damp cloth. Use Clear Furniture Polish occasionally to maintain the wood’s natural finish.

A water-based coating makes the surface resistant to scratches, abrasions and chemical agents making this tray easy to maintain.

When serving oily food on the platter do usea Doily or wax paper.

Felt pads at the bottom keep all surfaces scratch free. 


Chip n Dip Platter


Kale Wood, Brass Rods, Carved Sheesham, Felt pads, Brass bowl (removable)


Length "14.75", Width "11", Height "1.5"

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