Totay Blue (Mussaweri) - Tray

PKR 7,670

Many parrot enthusiasts view macaws as the ultimate avian pets. Huge, personable, gorgeous and enormously intelligent, the spectacularly beautiful blue and gold Macaw is strong-willed and loud. We prefer to have the bird stay on in its natural rainforest habitat as we make do with our totay tray with the gorgeous hand-painted portraits of these gorgeous birds in their jungle homes.


Clean with a soft damp cloth. Use Clear Furniture Polish occasionally to maintain the wood’s natural finish.

A water-based coating makes thesurface resistantto scratches,abrasions and chemical agents making this tray easy to maintain. Felt pads at the bottom keep all surfaces scratch free.




Kale Wood, Acrylic Paint, Rafia, Hammered brass, Brass Rods, Metal Detail


Length "20", Width "8", Height "1.5"

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