Chand Sitara - Occasional Table

PKR 125,906

The design for our occasional table is inspired by the Chand (Crescent) and Sitara (5 pointed Star) of the Pakistan flag.

The Table Base is based on an extended dodecahedron (12 faced polyhedra) with each face a pentagon again based on the 5 pointed star. Made of Sheeshum wood with brass inlay work. The facets have brass inlay work by picking up part of the 5 pointed star geometry and accentuating with brass sheet.

The Table Top is of Sheeshum wood with concentric grain directions in 5 triangles to give a texture variation inlaid with polished brass sheet in the shape of the crescent and a 5 pointed star.


Speciality Pieces



Sheesham Wood, Lacquered Brass, Brass inlay


Length "24", Width "24", Height "26.5"